About Us

Animal Suppliers for TV and Film

Our History

A vision in the making...

It all starts with Creature Casting's founder, Cindy Morris, who secured her first job supplying the animals for the well-known classic film, Willow, in1988. Since then she has built up an impressive collection of productions, some of which can be seen on our Credits Page.  


Cindy has cared, worked, and loved animals her entire life, and has extensive knowledge and experience with an array of creatures big and small. Having grown up on an idyllic sheep farm, complete with public riding stables, and always room for any waifs and strays, she is an expert in most things animal. 

Cindy's core beliefs, which form Creature Cating's working ethos, are simple yet vitally important. 

  • The correct and proper care, training, and time for our animals 

  • A professional, flexible, and accommodating attitude for our clients


"Customer satisfaction along with job satisfaction = success!"


The Team

And what we can do...

Over the years Creature Casting has built a team of skilled animal handlers, each with an area of expertise, including our fully qualified professional dog, horse, and bird trainers. 

We pride ourselves on the level of service we are able to deliver and ensure all representatives of Creature Casting maintain this standard.


All our animal handlers take the responsibility for the animals we supply very seriously. We consider an animal’s welfare our first and foremost priority and will act on their behalf to ensure their rights are adhered to at all times.

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